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Not all cat foods are made equal.
Following the numerious recalls over the last few years may make you feel like recalls are just a part of life. But, there are many cat food companies out there who have never been affected by recalls. Sometimes it is hard to tell the truth behind the marketing. "Natural" cat foods are the new trend, and many companies see the dollar signs in advertising their foods as "Natural."

Dedication and expertise gives us the edge at Paw Stop. With 10 years of experience in the natural foods market, we have seen many companies fall into recalls. But, there are many who have stuck to their original purpose and never compromised their values. Companies like Orijen, Acana, Honest Kitchen, Merrick, and a few others, should be applauded for building their own manufacting plants and keeping a watchful eye on the raw ingredients that come into their plants. These companies often know exactly which farms their meats and vegetables came from, and keep a watchful eye on quality control from farm to package. In addition, they offer foods that are hormone-free, antibiotic-free and GMO-free. Some offer free-range meats, sustainable fish, and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. This is the type of dedication that we like to see from a cat food company and the type of values that keep foods off the recall list.

Going Grain-Free
As obligate carnivors, cats have very different diets than dogs. In the wild, cats often get their water from the raw meats that they eat, not from drinking water. Therefore, cats should be offered canned or wet foods at least once a day. In addition, cats do not process grains or high carbohydrate foods very well. The high incidents of kidney disease, unrinary tract infections, diabeties, obesity and other health problems in cats have been linked to the above two factors in cat's diets. Many vets have started to recommend grain-free diets for cats with diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity. This is why we decided to carry only grain-free cat foods at Doggy Style. We believe that these diets offer the optimal nutrition for your cat. Our selection of cat foods is somewhat smaller than our dog food selection, but only because we are so picky about the ingredients included in your cat's diet.

At Doggy Style, we offer foods that are better than "Natural", we offer foods from companies with a conscience.

(a Pennsylvania based pet food company)


Paw Stop