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Paw Stop

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About Us
The Paw Stop of Silver Spring started as the perfect way to pair the dog daycare and boarding business of The Dog Stay with a locally owned pet store.  We will provide more options to the loyal customers of The Dog Stay and provide Silver Spring with a quality pet store where you can find everything you need for your dog or cat.   

Taking ‘LOCAL’ Seriously
As we all know, locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods.  As a locally owned business, we strive to give our customers better selection, and be more knowledgeable about the products we carry, than our larger competitors.   With this in mind, the Paw Stop of Silver Spring is committed to carrying items that come from local manufacturers.    

The products we carry are sourced from businesses that are as close to home as possible.   We offer pet foods from a Maryland based companies, treats made in Virginia and Washington, DC, leashes, collars and harnesses from a company in North Carolina, even toys made by company based in Washington, DC.   While this does not mean that we carry only locally-made products, it does mean that we look for products that are made locally first.    

We believe that by supporting these local businesses we are doing our part to reduce environmental pollution while gaining the knowledge and benefits that come from supporting small local businesses.   And, because we are a small business, we have the ability to adapt to changes in ways that our larger competitors cannot.

So, come check us out.   You may not recognize all of the products that we carry, and you may wonder why we do not carry some of your favorites.   But, we promise to answer all of your questions and turn you and your pets on to some new, local, favorites!

Paw Stop